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Level of Involvement


Building & Grounds Supervisor
Kent State University

Director of Maintenance Services
Dartmouth College

Director Buildings and Grounds
University of Michigan

Director of Grounds and Buildings
Princeton University


Facility Maintenance Manager
FedEx Corporation

Facility Maintenance Manager
Sysco Food Services


Manager Maintenance Operator
United States Postal Service

Mechanical Engineer
US Air Force


Site Engineering Manager

Maintenance Manager
General Motors Corporation


Engineering Manager
Best Buy

Facilities Maintenance Manager
Dollar General Corporation

Facility Maintenance Manager
Office Depot Inc.

Health Care

Construction Manager
Mayo Clinic

Director of Engineering
Mercy Medical Center

Director of Engineering Maintenance
Baylor Medical Center


Facilities Service Manager
Walt Disney World Animal

Benefit from Blanket Market Coverage

Readership Dynamics: 32,500 Print Circulation

Facility Maintenance Decisions magazine is unique in that it is the only publication that reaches across all building types at the engineering and maintenance management level.

Blanket Covererage

Editorial Mission

Facility Maintenance Decisions delivers essential information for maintenance and engineering managers in institutional and commercial facilities. Our editorial coverage directly mirrors subscribers' challenges. Facility Maintenance Decisions serves as a trusted resource, providing managers with the information they need to successfully coordinate the day-to-day activities of frontline technicians and supervisors, all with the goal of ensuring facilities operate safely, reliably, sustainably, and energy efficiently.

More About Our Subscribers

Years of experience in maintenance and facilities management

5 years or less 15%
6-10 years 9%
11-15 years 7%
16-20 years 12%
21-25 years 16%
26-30 years 15%
30+ years 26%

Average years of experience is 20.4

Age Group

Under 35 years old 3%
35 to 44 years old 10%
45 to 54 years old 34%
55 to 64 years old 48%
65 years or older 5%

Average age is 53 years




*Results of 2017 Publisher Data

Which of the following forms of media do you expect to use for learning about products and brands for potential purchases in the next year?

Trade Magazines 70%
Websites 54%
E-Newsletters 43%
Trade Shows 34%
Webcasts 25%
Trade Magazines Websites 24%
White Papers 9%
Virtual Trade Shows 5%

Pass-along readership Subscribers report that they pass along their issues of Facility Maintenance Decisions to a mean number of 1.9 other professionals.

Product Selection

Facility Maintenance Decisions readers actively recommend, specify or approve product purchases.


ADA Products 70%
Air Conditioners 89%
Arc Flash Safety Equipment 54%
Boilers 72%
Building Controls 85%
Carpeting & Flooring 79%
Cleaning Products 72%
Ceilings 81%
Communication Equipment (including wireless) 47%
Contract Services 82%
Demand Response Programs 51%
Door Hardware (including locks, hinges and closures) 86%
Doors/Entrances 86%
Drain Cleaning Equipment 75%
Electrical Equipment/Systems 84%
Electrical Testing Equipment 79%
Elevators & Service 62%
Emergency Service & Equipment 74%
Energy Management Systems 80%
Energy Performance Contracts 53%
Energy rebates/incentives or efficiency-enhancing programs 68%
Energy Services (Electricity, Gas, etc.) 61%
Facility Management Software (i.e. CMMS, EAMS) 58%
Fertilizer/Insecticides 45%
Fire Safety & Prevention 86%
Fleet Vehicles & Accesories 48%
Floor Coatings 83%
Grounds Care Contract & Services 61%
Grounds Care Tools & Equipment 73%
Hand Dryers 68%
Hazmat Equipment & Supplies 66%
HVAC Replacement Parts 87%
HVAC Systems 85%
IAQ Products 55%
Infared Systems 41%
Insulation 76%
Interior Office Equipment 54%
Inventory Management/Barcoding 35%
Landscaping/Construction Equipment 66%
LEDs 80%
Life Safety Products 79%
Lifts and Ladders 85%
Lighting Controls/Sensors 85%
Lighting Products 90%
Lubricants/Adhesives 80%
Metal Roofs/Wall Systems 56%
Meters 65%
Motors and Drives 76%
Mowers/Tractors & Attachments 60%
Paints & Coatings 80%
Pest Controls 68%
Piping & Valves 83%
Plumbing Products & Systems 84%
Portable and Emergency Cooling/Heating Equipment 74%
Power & Hand Tools 88%
Power Generating Systems 68%
Protective Clothing/Work Boots 71%
Rental Equipment 78%
Restroom Fixtures, & Accesories (sinks) 88%
Restroom Paper Products/Dispensers 62%
Restroom Partitions 78%
Roof Coatings 63%
Roofing Products & Systems 75%
Safety Flooring 75%
Safety Products 86%
Sealants & Waterproofing Products 79%
Security Systems & Access Control 69%
Signage 80%
Snow & Ice Removal Products 72%
Storage Cabinets, Shelving, Lockers, & Mailroom Products 77%
Submeters 47%
Touchless Access Systems 55%
Touchless Restroom Products 73%
Training 74%
Two-Way Radios 62%
UPS 61%
Utility Vehicles & Attachments 60%
Wall Coverings 64%
Wallboard Products 72%
Waste Management & Recycling Products 76%
Water Heaters 76%
Water Treatment Products 62%
Window Shading/Solar Control 73%
Windows 74%

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