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Healthcare Facilities Summit | 5/25

Don't miss out on a great discussion focused on ways you can protect and advance your healthcare facilities! Join our expert speakers for the Healthcare Facilities Summit on 5/25 to learn more. Check out some of our sessions:

Emergency Preparedness Tactics for Healthcare Facilities
Facility managers must ensure buildings and organizations are ready to handle crises while supporting a high level of care. Emergency preparedness is a national security priority because these events are becoming more frequent in the United States. As healthcare leaders, managers have a great public responsibility to prepare hospitals physically and financially to weather the next storm. Learn how to prepare your facility for the next emergency.

Turning the Tables: Getting Top Management’s Attention to Approve Projects
As a facility manager, you have all sorts of projects in mind for energy efficiency, simplifying operations, increasing occupant satisfaction, etc. But it’s hard to get your top management to listen. They focus more on the organization’s core business, after all, not facilities. If only you could get the C-Suite to pay attention, play it right, show how to save on the bottom line, and suddenly top management will be asking you for more. We will share proven strategies to get top management’s attention, speak the language they understand, and start you on your way, using a real case study.

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